NatureStar and The American Health Journal

American Health Journal
NatureStar is sponsoring the acclaimed “Discoveries in Alternative Medicine” TV program, as part of the award winning American Health Journal series. The American Health Journal has been dedicated to educating the public on healthcare issues since 1988. Hosted by the respected journalist Roger Cooper, this program is aired on PBS, Time Warner, The Dish Network, as well as local network affiliates across the United States.
“Discoveries in Alternative Medicine”, hosted by Peter Kulevich, is a new program that covers a diverse range of health issues, and through a number of specialists interviewed during the show’s various segments sheds new light on medical alternatives, fitness, nutritional supplements, and advances in new products and equipment. Discoveries in Alternative Medicine reaches over 30 million households across the United States, and airs for times a week.
The segment that is shared with you now is one in which Gerard McCann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nature’s Value Inc.-NatureStar, shares his insight on why today we should all consider using supplements as a way of maximizing your quality of life and wellness.
Enjoy the segment, and enjoy using NatureStar “condition specific” supplements, the highest quality, natural,  and value priced formulas money can buy!