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Super Probiotic Complex
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Memory Support Complex

About us

imageNatureStar® believes the gift of health is indeed a blessing for all and we as individuals must be stewards of our own health and welfare to the greatest extent possible. Towards that end, we at NatureStar® are dedicated to producing the finest health products possible that promote a healthier and happier life, and to creating unique, quality, and timely comprehensive formulations, for those individuals who care about the health of themselves and their loved ones.

Over the past thirty some years the use of Dietary Supplements has greatly increased. In fact, consumer awareness and use of supplements has risen to an all time high, driven by an abundance of scientific data that suggests we can improve both the quality and duration of our lives by watching what we eat, exercising more regularly, and supplementing our meals with multi-vitamins of various dose and form. With the average age of Americans now approaching 40, the baby boomer generation has become the largest users of supplements, as well as the most significant demographic audience for the sale of supplements.

NatureStar® is a Company dedicated to creating and manufacturing the highest quality science based, and professionally reviewed supplements in the United States. Headquartered in Ontario California, NatureStar® specializes in biological research, coordinated with leading research Institutes throughout the United States to develop comprehensive formulas that address the greatest health concerns of the generation.

NatureStar® has developed a range of "Symptom Specific" formulas whose manufacture follows the Food and Drug Administration and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and has passed all required tests of quality assurance.

The products range in health from "Age Specific" Multi-Vitamin and Mineral formulas, to Eye, Immune, Cardiac, Cholesterol, and Digestive comprehensive blends. All formulated with care to insure efficacy, absorption, and physiological support. As with all our formulas, there is a consumer satisfaction guarantee associated with the sale and use of our products.